Another Pocket Dungeon Emerges - the Keep on the Shining Isle!

Hi folks! I wanted to let you know that I've released another pocket dungeon - a system agnostic adventure, much like this one!

 Keep on the Shining Isle is a one-shot ready adventure featuring a haunted ruin, a mystery cult and some very tempting apples. It's a combat-optional weird fiction adventure that will slot well into a fantasy world or any setting where things are allowed to get weird. Thematically it explores some of the same stuff that Annihilation and The Colour Out of Space do, but the body horror's more of an opt-in thing. Great for taking your players on a sidequest mid-campaign, for launching a campaign, or for a standalone one-shot!

If you've played and enjoyed The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra, there's a lot you'll enjoy in this one - I hope you check it out! I've included a few preview pages here for your perusal.

Thanks and take care;


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